APC waivers and discounts for Open Access

When you make your article open access, you may need to pay Article Processing Charge(APC). Okayama University members can request to waiver or discount the APC of the journals below.

American Chemistry Society

With discount incentives for ACS Members and authors at institutions subscribing to the Web Editions of All ACS Publications, ACS offers a variety of options to meet ACS's global authors' needs.(Okayama University subscribe the Web Editions of All ACS Publications.)

Please see below for the details.
ACS AuthorChoice
Open Access Pricing
ACS Open Access

Cambridge University Press (CUP)

Okayama University has made a contract of Read & Publish model with Cambridge University Press in 2022.
When an Okayama University member is a corresponding author, you can publish open access articles without APC in the following journals published by CUP.
Please refer to the following for details.

Eligible Journals

Read and Publish agreement with JUSTICE - Japan
* Please check the list periodically because the list could be updated at any time.
  1. Click on the above link and click on the link “Click here for a list of all institutions and each institution's chosen journals collection.” in the middle of the page.
  2. Select the "Full" sheet in the Excel file. Journals with "Gold OA" and "hybrid OA" in the "Open Access Status" section of the list are eligible for this service.

Eligible Articles

Articles which Corresponding Author submit through the prescribed procedure.
  • Refer to the following manuals for details.
  • Make sure to check an individual account of OPRS which each journal designates before submissions. You may be ineligible for APC waiver if you don’t register your Okayama University email (including with "okayama-u.ac.jp" in the domain name) for Email Address, and Okayama University for Institutional Affiliation.
  • You must also use your Okayama University email address (including with "okayama-u.ac.jp" in the domain name) when submitting an Author Publication Agreement after accepted.

Eligible Article types

Research articles, Review articles, Rapid communication, Brief reports, Case reports

Eligible Period

January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 (UK Time)
  • The author must have completed the transaction in RightsLink during the period.
  • Re-contract of Read & Publish model in 2023 will be undecided until October 2022.



  • All authors must complete payment process, even if their APC is waiver. If you wish submit APC waver, select ”Seek Funding from Okayama University”. Okayama University will confirm application from author and inform you of its approval or disapproval.
  • Paid options such as color paged, etc. are not included for eligible APC waiver, so please pay by yourself.


If a member of Okayama University is corresponding author or co-author, you receive a 10% discount on the APCs for any article published in an MDPI journal.

How to Use

When you submit a article with the MDPI system, use your E-mail address of Okayama University with the domain "okayama-u.ac.jp". Please make sure that "Okayama University" is displayed in the "Institutional Open Access Program" field.
Note that the discount cannot be combined with other available discounts. To use another discount, select "Select IOAP" from the pull-down menu and enter the Voucher Code in the "Discount Vouchers" box below.

Please see below for the details.
Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP)

*Please apply for an APC discount by yourself. There's no need to contact us.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

Authors of research articles may pay open access surcharge to make their article freely available through PNAS open access option.
Okayama University has a site license, and Okayama University researchers can request to discount the open access surcharge.
All articles are free online after 6 months.

Please see below for the details.
Fees and Licenses

Royal Society of Chemistry

** This service was expired.**


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