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This page is collection of links of free tools and sites useful for information retrieval. Please obey rules of each sites.
For fee-charging databases which Okayama University contracts, check E-journals/Books and Databases.

Search Engines / All field

How to Search Information

Research Navi (National Diet Library)
Experts of information retrieval in NDL provide useful site and know-how for research.

Search Books and articles

CiNii Articles (National Institute of Informatics)
Database for learning articles such as articles in society publications and bulletins. You can read some articles for free.
* When you access from Okayama University, you can download some fee-charging articles.
CiNii Books (National Institute of Informatics)
You can search information of authors, and information of books held in university libraries in Japan.
CiNii Dissertations (National Institute of Informatics)
You can search information of authors, and information of dissertations in Japan.
Webcat Plus (National Institute of Informatics)
It sorts and provides several kinds of book information such as library catalogues, contents and covers of newly published books, stock catalogues of used books and e-journal databases.
NDL Search (National Diet Library)
You can search all materials NDL has. You can search books in prefecture libraries and several kinds of digital materials, too.
Google scholar
You can search learning articles, books, summaries and columns.
Google books
You can search information in text of books. Some are made public their part or all of the text.
The WWW Virtual Library
List of links of research institutions and research materials sorted according to their fields.

Search libraries

WWW Servers in Japan - Academic Libraries on the Web - (Tokyo Institute of Technology Library)
It collects URLs of university libraries in Japan.

Philosophy / Religion

List of links of academic sites in the humanities. There are links on "Philosophy" and "Religion."

History / Geography

List of links of academic sites in the humanities. There are links on "History."
National Museum of Japanese History (National Museum of Japanese History)
There is a links to "Database Rekihaku" useful for study on Japanese history and culture.
National Archives of Japan digital Archive (National Archives of Japan)
You can search catalogue of National Archive of Japan, and use / print out digital photos of official documents and important cultural assets.
Geological Literature Search
You can search materials and maps colleted by Library of the Geological Survey of Japan, AIST.

Social Science

List of links of academic sites in the humanities. There are links on "Politics," "Law & Cyberlaw," "E-conomics" and "Sociology."
Nichibunnken Databases (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
You can search database of materials in International Research Center for Japanese study and database made by it.


e-Stat (Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan)
You can search governmental statistics.


Japanese Law Translation (Ministry of Justice)
You can search and download translations of Japanese laws and ordinances.

Social Studies

DiaL Dia's Library on Social Gerontology
Databases of literature on social gerontology. You can download article infromation and extracts.
'The World and Japan' Database Project
List of databases made by Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo. This page includes "Japanese Politics and International Relations" where you can see important documents and speeches on Japanese politics and international relations after WWII.


Japan foundation → Useful Data
Databases made by International foundation. You can check state of Japanese language education and educational institutions in the world.
Ehon Database (Naruto University of Education Library)
You can search picture books about children's mind. You can search from story, sex and age of main character, subject etc.

Natural Science / Medical Science

Integrated Database Project
It provides several links to databases in life science.
Online Life Science Dictionary
Free online dictionary for technical terms in life science. It introduces list of English reading materials, too.

Medical Science

Nikkaji Web (Japan chemical Substance Dictionary Web Service (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
You can search organic compounds. Possible to search from keywords and chemical structures. In chemical structure search, you can search by drawing structure.
Database to search medical literature.

Guideline for medical treatment

Medical information network service provided by Japan council for Quality Health Care. Presenting for common user and medical workers.


Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST) (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
There are links to databases in technology.



AGRIS (FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
International information system for the agricultural sciences and technology provided by FAO through cooperation of about 200 international institutions. Able to search information in agriculture from 1975.
Information & communications Statistics Database (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
It provides several kinds of data such as data in communication and broadcasting, basic data, and statistics data.
Database in agriculture made by United States Department of Agriculture National library.


You can search information in art. There are links to pictures of works. Possible to search from title and owning place.

Linguistics, Literature

Linguistics, Literature (Japan)

Nichibunken Databases (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
You can search the database of materials held in International Research Center for Japanese Studies and databases on Japanese culture.
Site of links about linguistics, literature, art, psychology, history, religion, environment, economics, law etc.
National Institute of Japanese Literature Database (National Institute of Japanese Literature)
You can search databases of National Institute of Japanese Literature.
Database of Research Thesis in Japanese Literature (National Institute of Japanese Literature)
Database of articles on Japanese literature (covering Taisyo, Syowa, Heisei period).

Linguistics, Literature (the Orient)

Institute for Advanced studies on Asia Database
It provides databases on orient culture, Islam, South Asia, India and Middle East.

Information about Research and Researcher

Information of researchers

You can search information of universities and research institutions in Japan, and information of researchers and objects of research.
Academic Research Staff Okayama University
You can search information of Okayama University research staff (professor, associate professor, instructor, assistant professor and assistant). The information includes "basic information" and "research action".

Research using grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

KAKEN Database of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Ministry of Education, Culture, sports, science and Technology)
Database of research using Grants-in-Aid for Science Research.

Learned Society

Medical conference Proceedings in Japan (International Medical information Center)
You can search proceedings from the name, the date and the site of conferences.
UMIN-Japanese academic Societies in Medicine and Related Fields
You can search information about societies on medical science.

Okayama Prefecture

Okayama Prefectural Library
The web site held by Okayama Prefecture Library.
Okayama Prefecture Library Cross-searching
You can search public libraries and university libraries in Okayama Prefecture at the same time.
Digital Okayama Encyclopedia
You can search and see web pages and videos about Okayama.
Okayama Prefectural Archives
It collects and preserves important official documents and historical documents about Okayama Prefecture.

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