When You don't Find Materials

When materials you need are not in Okayama University, there are several ways to use them as below.

Visit other Libraries

You can visit and use other libraries. To find out which library has the material you need, please see Tools to Find Books and Journals.

Public Libraries and University Libraries in Okayama Prefecture
You may need your ID card to use the library. Please check the library's web page before you visit.

University Libraries outside Okayama Prefecture
You may need a letter of introduction issued by Okayama University Libraries. Please ask Research Help Desk at least a week before the day you visit.

Interlibrary Loan

Members of Okayama University can borrow books and get photocopies from other libraries. This is a fee-based service.

To request, fill out a form and submit it to Research Help Desk. You can also request from our web service, My Library which you need to apply in advance. Please see My Library for details.

Request Library to Buy a Book

Students of Okayama University can request the library to buy a book. Fill out a form and submit it to box near the main entrance.

If you are a teachers of Okayama University and want to buy a book with public research fund, please see Services only for Teachers.