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Central Library on Tsushima Campus has 3-story Main Building, 6-story West Building and 4-story Stacks.
The main entrance is on the south side of the library.

Main Contents
Central Library Maps
The 1st Floor
The 2nd Floor
The 3rd Floor
The 4th, 5th, 6th Floors
Location of Materials

Central Library Maps

The 1st Floor

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1F of Main BuildingNewspapers
New Acquisitions
Foreign Language Collection
Featured Books
1F of West BuildingPeriodicals (Natural Sciences)
Reference Books
Okayama Corner
Books (General Works, History)
New Periodicals
Okayama University Authors
Gender Equality Collection
Magazines and Pamphlets

The 2nd Floor


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2F of Main BuildingPaperbacks
Career Guidance
SGU Collection
2F pf West BuildingPeriodicals (Humanities & Social Sciences) (-1994)
Periodicals (Humanities & Social sciences) (1995-)
Books (Natural Sciences)

The 3rd Floor


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3F of Main Building Lendable Dictionary
3F pf West BuildingBooks (Social Sciences)
Periodicals (Humanities and Social Sciences -1994)
Text Books
Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research

The 4th - 6th Floors (Only West Building)


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4F of West BuildingBooks (Technology & Engineering, Industry & Commerce)
Books (Humanities)
Newspapers (back numbers)
Chinese periodicals (-1994)
5F of West BuildingStaff Only
6F of West BuildingOkayama University Historical Document Collection
(Available in 9:00-17:00,weekdays)
(Catalog of several countries, History of administrative Divisions,
Official Gazette, Statistics, Periodicals (back numbers))

Location of Materials

For details, please refer ’Use Materials’ page.

Location of Books

About Classification Number (=Call Mark)
In the library, books are classified by Nippon Decimal Classification. (It is written as "Call Mark" in Library Catalog.)
The classification number is classified by the contents of the book to make it easy to find the book which matches your purpose from a lot of materials in the Library. By doing so, books which have the same or similar contents and related books are placed nearby.

General Books, Reference books

Subject / Content Classification Number (Call Mark)LocationNotice
General Works0001F of West Building*The less frequently used books are arranged in Stack.
*In addition to the left, there are various corners. Please see "Other Materials" and Central Library Maps.

For the above reasons if you are looking for a specific book, please use Library Catalog and check the holdings of materials.
Philosophy1004F of West Building
General History2001F of West Building
Social Sciences3003F of West Building
Natural Sciences4002F of West Building
Technology. Engineering5004F of West Building
Industry and Commerce6004F of West Building
The arts. Fine arts7004F of West Building
Languages8004F of West Building
Literature9004F of West Building

Other Materials

Please note that the following materials are arranged in a different location than the general and reference books, regardless of the classification.

READ1F of Main Building
Foreign Language Collection1F of Main Building
Career Guidance2F of Main Building
Paperbacks2F of Main Building
Salt Floresta Collection2F of Main Building
Lendable Dictionaries3F of Main Building
Reference Books1F of West Building
Okayama Corner1F of West Building
Okayama University Authors1F of West Building
Books donated from Okadai Coop1F of West Building
AV materials (CDs, DVDs,Videotapes)1F of West Building/1F of Main Building
*English movie in DVDs are included in Foreign Language Collection.
Electronic resources (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM,Videotapes1F of West Building
Maps2F of West Building
Textbooks3F of West Building
Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research3F of West Building
Special Collections Books (Oogata collections)4F of West Building
OECD Materials4F of West Building
FAO Materials4F of West Building
Okayama University Historical Document Collection6F of West Building
(Available in 9:00-17:00,weekdays)
Catalogue of Several Countries, History of Prefectures, Gazette, Statistics6F of West Building
(Available in 9:00-17:00,weekdays)
Doctoral Thesis of Okayama UniversityPlease ask at Circulation Desk.
(Available in 9:00-17:00,weekdays)
Special Collection (Ikedake Collection, Private Collection)For details, please click ’Special Collections’ page. Need to apply to Reference Desk.
(Available in 9:00-17:00,weekdays)

Location of Periodicals

You can find general location of periodicals by looking up its "Location" and where they are exactly located by looking up “Periodicals initials” and "Issued year" in Library Catalog.

FieldNew arrival (1 year) Issued in and after 1995Issued in and before 1994
General works, Human Sciences and Social Sciences 1F of West Building
*With exceptions
2F of West BuildingJapanese Periodicals (Titles begin with:ア~ト)>>> 2F of West Building
Japanese Periodicals(Periodicals initials: ナ~ワ)>>>3F of West Building
Foreign & Chinese Periodicals>>>4F of West Building
Natural Sciences, Technology. Engineering, Industry and Commerce 1F of West Building
*With exceptions
1F of West Building
1F of Stack (Available in 9:00-17:00,weekdays)
Okayama–related PeriodicalsOkayama Corner (1F of West Building)
General Magazines1F of Main Building6F of West Building

Location of Newspapers

We subscribe the following Newspapers. It depends on newspapers how long we keep them. Please refer to the List of Newspapers Holdings at the Library (only in Japanese language).

Issued during the last 3 monthsIssued before the last 3 months
1F of Main Building4F of West Building


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