How to Find Articles

Select a Database and Search

You can find articles using databases. Please select an appropriate database for your research, and search for articles.

To find out which databases are good for you, please see the pages below. Databases subscribed by Okayama University are available only for Okayama University members.

If you are a member of Shikata Campus, plsease also see the following page.

Get the Article

If you find the article you need, check if you can get it in Okayama University.

Search for E-journals

*Members of Okayama University only.
*Please obey the rules of each E-journal. If you disobey them, not only you but also Okayama University may be penalized.

  1. Access to E-journals/Books and Databases.
  2. Click "Okayama University E-Journals List".
  3. Enter title or ISSN of the journal in the search box, and click "Search".

Search for printed journals

If you don't find the journal you need in E-journals List, check if the library has printed journal.

  1. Access to Library Catalog.
  2. Enter title or ISSN of the journal in search boxes, and click "Search".

When You don't Find Article

If the article you need is not available at Okayama University, members of Okayama University can get photocopy from other library. Please check When You Don’t Find Materials for details.