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Location of materialsLibrary Maps
Use Materials in the stack
BorrowingMaximum Items and Loan Period
Special Borrowing (For Members)
Photocopying Library MaterialCopyright Law
Using the Photocopy Machine
When You don't Find Meterials

*If you are a faculty, please also refer to Services only for Teachers.

Location of Materials

The books are classified by Nippon Decimal Classification.
To check the holdings of materials in the library, you can search with keywords such as title and author of the material in the search box of the Libary web page (Library Catalog= OPAC). Please click title of the searched material, then you can find out detailed result include location and status of the materials.

○If you want to search books...
You can find a general location of books by looking up "Location" and where they are exactly located by looking up "Call No."
○If you want to search journals...
You can find general location of journal by looking up "Location" and where they are exactly located by looking up "Journal initials" and "Issued year".

Attention on location
If you want to read the materials on the open bookshelves you can take them freely.
  e.g. Shikata Library 3F Browsing Room, Shikata Library 2F Periodicals
But if you want to read the materials on the Stacks, please request at Circulation desk. (For details, please click here. )
  e.g. Shikaya Library Closed stacks
For details, please click How to Find Books and Journals page.

Library Maps

Please refer to shikata Branch Library Maps page.

Use Materials in Stacks

Request at the Circulation Desk

If you want to read the materials on the Stacks, please make your request at the Circulation Desk with the following application form.

Apprication From
Request Form for Materials Located in the Stacks (PDF)

  • We take out the materials in the Stack only on weekdays.
  • The materials are ready after 10:00 on next weekday.
  • If you apply by 17:00 on weekdays, you can apply on the day and receive it on the day.
  • We keep the requested material for a week at the Circulation Desk
  • We contact you only when there is some problem.
  • If it is difficult for you to visit the Library, please fill out the form above and send to our inquiry address via e-mail or FAX.


You can borrow materials with your Student ID, faculty ID or Library Card.
Please bring your library card and the materials you want to borrow at the Circulation Desk. (If you are a visitor, please read this page.)

Maximum Items and Loan Period

Different conditions apply according to your status at Okayama University.
If you are not sure of your maximum items,please refer to the table below or show your library card and inquire at the Circulation desk.

Member Books (Renew)Bound journalsPeriodicalsAudio material
Loan Period2 weeks (1 time)7 days1 day3 days
Visitor Books (Renew)Bound journalsPeriodicalsAudio material
Loan Period2 weeks (No)×××

Automatic Book Circulation System

Please have the books you want to borrow and your library card ready.
You can borrow books with the Automatic Book Circulation System in the library.
If there are materials that can not be borrowed by the system, please come to the Circulation Desk.


At the Circulation Desk (Only Members and Students of The Open University of Japan)
Please bring the books you want to extend and the library card, and come to Circulation Desk.
My Library (Only Members)
You can renew from the Library website, My Library.
For details, please click My Library page.
*Some materials can not be extended.


If you want to borrow a book that is presently showed "in circulation" on OPAC, please come to the Circulation Desk.


Open hours: Please return materials to the Circulation Desk.
Closed hours: Please drop materials in Book Post on the left of the entrance.
Don't return fragile such as CD and video in Book Post.
The borrowed books can be returned to both of Central Library and Shikata Branch Library (except journals and audio material).


If you return materials after the due date, you can't borrow or renew any materials for the period of delay.

Photocopying Library Material

You can photocopy library materials within the bounds of the copyright law (charged).

Copyright Law

When you make photocopies in the Library, you must follow the copyright law as below.

  • You are allowed to make photocopies of library materials only.
  • You can photocopy less than harf of the total page of the work.
  • You can make a single copy of the work, for the purpose of study or research.

Using the Photocopy Machine

The copy machines are located on 1F.
Please fill out the "Photocopy Application Form" before you photocopy materials.
Please select the machine type and make copies.

  1. Private expense (By coin)
  2. Private expense (By prepaid card)

When You don't Find Materials (Only Members)

Even if Okayama University Library does not hold the materials you are looking for, you may still have a chance.
Please check When You don't Find Materials page.


Okayama University Shikata Branch Library
FAX : 086-235-7432
E-mail address : fcg7053
* Please add @adm.okayama-u.ac.jp at the end of the E-mail addresses.