Services only for Teachers

This page explains services provided only for teachers. Instructions of other services common to all users are in other pages. Please check them, too.

Photocopying by Public Expense

Photocopying Library Materials

How to Buy Books with your Public Research Fund

The following are purchasing steps.
 Placing an order -> Delivery & Receipt -> Check & Acceptance -> (Cataloging) -> Payment

You can place an order with a bookseller by yourself, if the price is less than 500 thousand yen. If you order directly, please surely instruct that payment method is postpaid public expense. You can also ask the library to give the bookseller an order for you.
After the book arrives, the library checks the condition, price, etc. If the book is acceptable, the library stamps on it and sends it to you.
You need to enter your public research fund information into the web system (Japanese language only).
If you use a book for more than a year, it is needed to be managed in the same way as the university assets. In this case, the library catalogs it and lends it to you.
The library makes arrangements for the payment.

For further details, please contact the library.

Journal Subscription

We have a journal subscription inquiry once a year (on June or July). Please submit its form before the deadline.
Term of contract is April to March for Japanese journals, January to December for foreign journals.
There is some possibility that you are not able to start or cancel subscription in the middle of a fiscal year.
Don’t use budget with time-limit like Grant-in-Ade for Scientific Research.

Library Materials for Classes

You can request the library to purchase materials for classes.
An application is made in a prescribed form.
The library verifies whether the requested materials meet the library selection criteria or not.
The library notifies you of the library decision.
When the materials arrive, the library catalogs them and adds them to the library collection.

For further details, please contact the library.

When you Leave the University

--Books and journals purchased ongoing
They can not be canceled. Please hand them over to your successor.

--Returning borrowed materials
Please return all materials you borrowed.

--Long term borrowing materials
You can choose if you return long-borrowed materials or leave them in your laboratory for your successor. Please let us know which materials to leave in your laboratory following the way library requested.
*** When returning a lot of materials, please inform the IPSR Branch Library via email in advance.


Okayama University IPSR Branch Library
FAX : 086-434-1204
E-mail address : fde1204
* Please add @adm.okayama-u.ac.jp at the end of the E-mail address.