Central Library and Shikata Branch Library were founded in 1949 just at the same time when the Okayama University was established. The Institute of Plant Science and Resources (IPSR) Branch Library was founded later, in 1953. Each library was renamed from time to time and it was unified to the current name in this document.
The three libraries have developed repeating extensions and integrations with faculty branch libraries, and the number of books exceeded two million in 2004.

Since the late 70s, the digitalization of library has spread.
In 1979, the library online system for lending and returning was introduced. In 1987, the online cataloging system began by joining National Center for Science Information Systems (NACSIS). In 1996, Ikedake Bunko Ezu Data Base which we can search "Ezu" or picture map of "Ikedake Bunko" or Ikeda Family Collection, one of the precious local collection.

Shifting from print to Electronic Journals started around 2005, and most of the subscribed foreign journals has been able to be read in the laboratories.
In 2006, Okayama University Scientific Achievement Repository was launched. This was one of the earliest repositories established in Japan.

Since the late 90s, we have focused on information literacy education for undergraduates. In 2006, 70 computers were installed in Central Library, and they can be used not only for classes but also for self-study at any other time.

In order to be open to the local community, we started to lend books to local citizens in 2002.
The Student-Director meeting started in 2006, and opinions from students have been incorporated into the library management since then.

Central Library and Shikata Branch Library were renovated in 2014, and Learning Commons opened at the same time.
Overall, the libraries continue developing the better learning environment that creates various ideas and active knowledge exchanges.