Unauthorized access to APS journals occured.

August 09, 2019

Unauthorized access to APS (American Phytopathological Society) journals occured.
You have to keep the Terms and Conditions of each e-journals and databases because the University agree to keep it with its publisher.
Once the violation of the Terms and Conditions is occurred, all patron may be prohibited from accessing its e-journal or database.
In addition, the publisher may lodge a claim against the University in some cases.

We strongly ask you to keep the Terms and Conditions as below.
1. You shall be a member (student, faculty, staff and so on) in the University.
2. You can use only on the available campus.
3. You can use only for your personal research. (A commercial use is prohibited.)
4. Systematic or massive downloads are strongly prohibited.
* Don't use download manager, P2P software and so on. (Similar web browser add-in software is also prohibited.)
* Don't download all articles in a issue. (You can download only what you read at that time.)
5. You can use only for yourself. (* Don't distribute to someone, especially outside of the University.)

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