【Central Library】Wanted Written Impression of International Books

December 07, 2017

Have you read books lately?
The Library collected books to learn culture and life in several countries, relating to the 17th Chikoraku Seminar “International Book Day Library × L-Café”
Why don’t you write and share comment on the books?

Person who can apply: Undergraduate student of Okayama University
Subject books: Books on shelves around the spiral staircase in Salto Floresta, 2F of Main Building
How to apply: Write your comment on the form (WORD) and hand it to a staff of Circulation Desk. The comment may be posted with your pen name in Central Library and the library web site. Write comment in Japanese or English.
Period: Dec. 7, 2017 to Feb. 28, 2018
Special gift: We’ll give participants some gift (limited quantity). Person who write best comment will get additional gift.

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