【Central Library】Lectures of Databases

November 07, 2014

Central Library is having lectures of databases. Let’s attend and improve your research skills. Be aware that the lecturers will speak in Japanese.

1. SciFinder Web (Lecturer: Japan Association for International Chemical Information)
Lecture for how to use SciFinder, a database to search chemical articles, chemicals, and information of chemical reaction.

Dec. 10 at 10:25-11:55
Dec. 10 at 14:30-16:00

*Both lectures include same contents.
*You need to register as a user before the lecture. Please check following page form PCs on campus.

2. Web of Science + EndNote Basic (Lecturer: KINOKUNIYA COMPANY, LTD.)
Lecture of how to use Web of Science, a citation indexing database and EndNote Basic, a tool for article management.
Dec. 12 at 10:25-11:55

3. JapanKnowledge (Lecturer: Net Advance)
Lecture of how to use JapnaKnowledge service that provide dictionaries and e-books, and its use for reports.
Dec. 12 at 14:30-16:00

【Eligible People】People with Okadai ID.
*Please check you Okadai ID and its password before lecture. It is necessary for practice.
Refer to following page for detail of Okadai ID.

【Place】Computer Room on 1F of West Building, Central Library of Okayama University
【Fixed Number】40 for each lectures
【How to Apply】
Send E-mail titled “Apply for lecture of database”. The mail need to conclude:
 •Name of database
 •Date and time
 •Your name
 •Your faculty or graduate school
 •Your grade or title
 •Contact address (phone number / e-mail address)
 •Number of people (if you apply in group)

*We accept application by order of arrival and stop accepting when it reach the fixed number.

【Contact Us】
Okayama University Central Library
Tel: 086-251-7322
E-mail: fbg7322◎adm.okayama-u.ac.jp
Please change ◎ to @.