Changes to Access Method for the legal database Westlaw Next

September 26, 2023

The method for accessing the legal database Westlaw Next, which is contracted with our university, will undergo the following changes:

Access was available through Okayama University's on-network or VPN.

Starting from September 2023:
The access method has shifted to a single sign-on authentication system.
Access will now be facilitated using your Okadai ID and password through a dedicated Okayama University URL provided below:

Single Sign-On Authentication URL (Exclusive to Okayama University)

By signing in with your Okayama University ID, you will also be able to use this service from off-network. We encourage you to take advantage of this convenience.

If you don't have an Okada ID, you'll need to apply for one.
Please confirm the website of Center for Information Technology and Management for more information.
Center for information technology and management - Service - Okadai ID

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