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How to Search: Journal Articles

How to Search Journal Articles

【Select Database】
Must select good database to search articles you want.
 a. Databases covering all field
 ●CiNii (All field, literature in Japan, Japanese)
 ●Web of Science (All field, literature in foreign countries, foreign language)

b. Databases covering specific subject field

Get the Article

When you find journal articles you need, get the article.
First, check if you can use it in Okayama University.
If it is not in Okayama University, you can order photocopy to other libraries.

1. Use E-Journals
  E-Journals and Databases (on campus only)

a. Search E-Journal from Journal Title
  Input journal title or ISSN (without "-")
b. Search E-Journal from subject field
  Select subject field from pulldown menue.

Please obey rules of each e-journals and databases.If you will disobey them, Okayama University may be penalized.

2. Order Photocopy of Article in other libraries.
When there is not the article you need in Okayama University, you can get photocopy from other libraries, National Diet Library, and libraries in foreign countries.

This is fee-charging service.
【How to Order】
 ●How to order : Fill in application form, and hand it in to the counter
 ●Eligibles : Students and faculties of Okayama University
 ●How to pay : Cash (To use public budget, academic adviser's permission is required)
 ●The numver of days : It takes about 4 to 10 days. (It may be delayed)
 ●Charge : Charge for copying (30 to 60 yen per sheet) + postage.
  *Charge for copying depends on libraries.

 ●You are responsible for ordering copy. Please come soon to library to get your copy.
 ●It cannot be canceled after ordering.
 ●Students need tutor's permission to use public budget.
   Please write your tutor's name in application form.
 ●You need to obey copyright law to order photocopy.